Umrah is one of the common practiced rituals in Islam. It is not obligatory but still people have some special place in their hearts. They look forward to plan journey of Umrah almost every year. The journey of Umrah helps you in purifying your soul and heart. Choose Best Umrah Tours with Al Hijaz Tours.

Its like a healing process for any wounds you have on your soul. Your journey is solely your own so never let it spoil by some fraud agent. Choose your travel agent very wisely and be careful about the facilities specially accommodation they have promised to you. From one of the blessing of Hajj or Umrah we can count drinking Zamzam in most important ones. This water is not merely a liquid but comes with much health significance. The purity of it enters into ones body and helps it with many health issues. Following are some common benefits of drinking Zamzam:

Highest Purity
This water contains maximum amount of bicarbonates that maintain blood level of your body and keep it clean and pure.
Free of germs and bacteria
Water is completely pure and is free of every kind of germs and bacteria.
Weight loss
Nowadays many people are dealing with obesity and Zamzam can always help you in losing weight.
Increases blood platelets
It also detoxifies the body by increasing white blood cell and red blood cells. This leads in better immune system.
Cures illness
In accordance to the medical perspective, due to the high concentration of minerals, it may cure illness.
Contains many beneficial minerals
Water contains high amount of calcium, magnesium and many other beneficial mineral that helps you maintain body fats and keeps you healthy.
Now plan your journey of Umrah with us. We have many Best Umrah Tours lined up and one can get most memorable and a lifetime journey in Makkah and Madina.